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DSCI1378To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of winning the first BBC2 Restoration series, the Gala Pool has been filled again with (very cold) water for a few days. BBC filmed the new Building Officer Chris Hardman bravely diving in – maybe his name should be Hardyman!


See also BBC News item which has a short film clip.


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Leeds City Council hand over the keys to the Friends of Bramley Baths

Leeds City Council hand over the keys to the Friends of Bramley Baths

Congratulations to the Friends of Bramley Baths who have just taken over the running of Bramley Baths.

Bramley Baths opened on 17th October 1904 and was designed by architect J Lane Fox at a cost of £10,000. The baths closed in 1988 and most people expected it to be demolished. But Bramley councillors and local residents did not give up. A grant of £1.5m was attained from the Sports Council and the baths reopened in 1992. It was given Grade II listing in 1996. (From “Great Lengths” by Dr Ian Gordon & Simon Inglis).

In 2012 Leeds City Council invited expressions of interest in a community asset transfer of Bramley Baths. The Friends of Bramley Baths proposed a community-led initiative that was accepted by the Council.

Here’s what the Friends have to say:

Statement of purpose

The purpose of Bramley Baths is to:

  1. Act as a social hub for the benefit of the community
  2. Provide a centre for fitness, fun and well being
  3. Enable people to swim and to learn how to swim
  4. Preserve a historic treasure and a local asset

Our Vision for the future

Our vision is to become a long term viable community enterprise strengthening community spirit and acting as the driving force for new community initiatives in Bramley.

We will develop Bramley Baths into a well branded top class affordable attraction providing leisure, fitness and education for all available when people want to use it.

As an employer we will provide a good experience for our employees.

Key Long Term Aims

Over the next 5 years we will

  1. Develop the baths in to a viable sustainable enterprise with a business model appropriate to a community venture including ensuring that it is well  run, effectively marketed and appropriately branded.
  2. Develop Bramley Baths into a top class affordable attraction providing leisure, fitness and education for all and available when people want to use it.
  3. Build strong effective relationships with the community and act as a catalyst for community initiatives in Bramley.
  4. Create a good working environment for employees with appropriate policies procedures and practice.

More details from their website

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Louise Minchin

VB was visited by BBC’s Celebrity Antiques Road Trip recently. You can see the 4 minute clip here.

NB: clip no longer available, much to the relief of VB Building Officer Neil Bonner whose accent moved a couple of hundred miles southwards on meeting Ms. Minchin!

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VB starts the new season with one of the very popular Vintage Fairs

photo Stephen O’Boyle

More details in “Events” Sunday 1 Apr 2012 11am – 4pm VB Open Day & Vintage Fair

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image of VB website "before and after"

"Before and after" image of VB website by Martin Connor

After many hours of work by many people, the new Victoria Baths website was launched this afternoon. The design was produced by Wonder Associates in consultation with staff and volunteers at VB. Wonder were also commissioned to design the new look for VB publicity etc.

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Volunteers at training meeting

Volunteers at training meeting

On 26th January we had a training session on the new website. Most of the time was taken up explaining the new set-up and discussing points made by participants. At the end there was a very quick run through of how to add content to the new site.

Now all we have to do is figure out how to put stuff (technical term) on the new site.

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Link to Twitter added

There is now a link to @victoriabaths on Twitter in the “Victoria Baths Online” panel – down the RH side of page. If the snail’s pace of this inexperienced blogger is too slow for you then our twitterer will keep you happy.

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